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Get To Know Me Better... Michael Ross

Get To Know Me Better... Michael Ross

I help successful people manage, grow and protect their wealth. 
I help business owners develop and implement strategies for business continuity and succession.
I help businesses select, implement and maintain employee benefit and retirement plans.

It's said every passionate professional or entrepreneur has a story.  This is mine...

My career began as a portfolio analyst for a Wall Street investment firm.  After a few years there I chose to transition into the financial services field. 

Not long after transitioning, I learned that a relative of mine invested a substantial portion of their net worth in a gold mine located in an African country - at the behest a "friend of the family".  Even though I was not yet an experienced financial planner, that went against everything I had studied and knew about the importance of portfolio diversification.  I was able to convince my relative to get out of the investment.  A few years later, we learned the gold mine was actually a Ponzi scheme, and the family friend went to prison.  My advice and persistence avoided a financial catastrophe.

I learned two important lessons that have stayed with me to this day.  One was to follow my instincts.  The second was how important it was for people to get high quality, competent financial advice and guidance on an ongoing basis.

My career has been dedicated to providing superior Financial Planning advice and Wealth Management to individuals, families, businesses and other entities on a fiduciary basis.

Let me earn your trust and confidence.
Michael Ross, CFP®
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